Máy định vị GPS Garmin Edge® 810

Máy định vị GPS xe đạp Garmin Edge® 810

Mô tả sản phẩm:

Màn hình Touchscreen rộng 2.6-inch  chống chói, có thể quan sát ở mọi góc độ

Edge 810 được thiết kế cho các tay đua xe đạp với tất cả tính năng tiên tiến có trong 1 thiết bị

Kết nối thông qua điện thoại thông minh, theo dõi trực tiếp, chia sẻ phương tiện truyền thông xã hội và thời tiết.

Edge 810 tương thích với bản đồ đường phố hoặc TOPO chi tiết tùy chọn, vì vậy nó có thể dẫn đường cho bạn trong chuyến lưu diễn, đi lại hoặc các hoạt động khác đòi hỏi phải có bản đồ và định vị trên tàu.

Edge 810 cung cấp dữ liệu và khả năng định vị chính xác bất cứ nơi nào trên thế giới.

Bản đồ Việt Nam chi tiết 63 tỉnh thành, với thông tin số nhà và điểm POIs phong phú đa dạng

Bản đồ nền Thế giới và bản đồ tùy chọn theo khu vực

Dẫn đường bằng giọng nói

Hỗ trợ làn đường (Lane assit) cho xe mô tô với hình ảnh hiển thị trực quan sinh động

Hỗ trợ hiển thị các ngã rẻ chính (PhotoReal Juntion View).

Dẫn đường thông qua ảnh định vị (Photo Navigation)

Với công nghệ nüRoute cho phép lưu lại lịch sử, cải tiến và hướng dẫn lộ trình mà bạn thường xuyên đi qua theo thói quen của mình.

Bike Computer for Performance and Navigation

  • Connected features¹ such as live tracking, send/receive courses, social media sharing and weather
  • Built-in basemap and optional detailed maps
  • Distance, speed, ascent/descent and GPS position
  • Optional heart rate, speed/cadence and power
  • Wireless data transfers to Garmin Connect
  • Activity profiles store preferences for different cycling activities

This Is Your Edge

The touchscreen Edge 810 is designed for the cyclist who wants it all — navigation and advanced training capabilities in 1 device. Connected features¹ through your smartphone include live tracking, social media sharing and weather. The 810 is compatible with optional detailed street or TOPO maps, so it can guide you during touring, commuting or other activities requiring onboard maps and navigation. Because it’s GPS-enabled, Edge 810 provides accurate data and navigation capabilities, anywhere in the world.

Track Every Detail

In addition to mapping, Edge 810 records distance, speed metrics, ascent/descent, grade and more. It’s also compatible with ANT+® sensors that measure heart rate², speed/cadence² and power³. Activity profiles let you customize data fields and device settings based on cycling activity, such as road, mountain or touring. Switch profiles with a simple swipe of the touchscreen and the 810 will be set up to show the data for that ride.

Get Connected

Edge 810 offers a suite of connected features when paired with your smartphone (iPhone or Android™) and the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app. Get comprehensive, accurate ride data from a dedicated device, while saving your phone battery. Edge tracks the data and sends it to your phone using Bluetooth®. Stay connected and share all the details of your ride with friends, family and social media. Post an update immediately after your ride or race. Create the posts via your smartphone, and the ride data’s already there, thanks to the interface with Garmin Connect Mobile.

Cycling Dynamics

When paired with a dual-sensing Vector™ power meter, Edge 810 now displays our revolutionary Cycling Dynamics metrics and are included in Garmin Connect™ for post ride analysis. These metrics measure where the power is being applied throughout the pedal stroke, and where on the pedal it is being applied, allowing the cyclist to understand his or her particular way of riding. The Seated/Standing metric will follow in early 2015.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking lets friends and family follow your races and training activities in real time. Invite followers using email or social media, and they can view your live data on Garmin Connect. Once they get your email invite, they can follow and see your stats and location on the map.


Get real-time weather conditions, forecasts and alerts (in areas with coverage) directly on the Edge 810 when paired with a smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Your smartphone stays safe and dry, while the weather data you need is right at your fingertips.

Wireless Data Transfers

Instantly store, share and analyze every detail of your ride. Using Garmin Connect Mobile, you can wirelessly upload completed activities from your device as soon as you are finished. Activities can be automatically or manually uploaded. Once your ride has posted to Garmin Connect, your own “connections” can view them. You can also search your courses and workouts4 stored at Garmin Connect, download to your smartphone, then send directly to your Edge 810 — wirelessly. You can then navigate to the start of the course and use the Virtual Partner® feature on your Edge to race your previous activities in real time.

Shimano Di2 Integration

Like the Edge 1000, the Edge 810 now integrates with Shimano Di2 shifting systems5 to display your current gear on the screen. We’ve also expanded the integration capabilities for those Edge users with compatible Shimano Dura Ace Di2 systems by allowing them to directly control their Edge from the small buttons inside the brake hoods.


Similar to the Edge 1000, the Edge 810 now include segments. Cyclists can turn every ride into a race by competing on Garmin Connect segments and seeing real-time results, including alerts for segment start/finish and leaderboard rankings.

Edge Remote Integration

Control your Edge 810 without removing your hands from the handlebar. The 3-button Edge remote uses ANT+® wireless connectivity to mark laps and scroll through pages. You can even program the third button.

Purpose-built Bike Computer

Edge 810 is rugged and waterproof, and has up to a 17-hour battery life. The touchscreen is easy to operate, even with a gloved finger and when wet. Mounting options include a new out-front mount² for heads-up positioning and a standard quarter-turn mount.

¹When paired with compatible iPhone® or Android device.

²Included with some models, sold separately on others.

³When paired with ANT+ power meter.

4A future release of Garmin Connect Mobile will allow exploring and downloading courses and workouts from other Garmin Connect users.

5Compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems with Shimano D-Fly Data Management function (sold separately).

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